TO: ____________(Company name),a company incorporated under the
laws of and having its registered office at ____________(hereinafter
called NPOG)


(1) by an agreement for the ____________(hereinafter referred to as
the of the one part and NPOG of the other part,the CONTRACTOR agrees to
perform the WORKS in accordance with the CONTRACT.

(2) one of the expressed conditions of the CONTRACT is the receipt
by NPOG of this guarantee duly executed by (name of
banker:)____________(hereinafter called the GUARANTOR) who hereby
irrevocably and unconditionally guarantees and undertakes to NPOG as

i) if the CONTRACTOR shall in any respect fail to execute the
CONTRACT or commit any breach of these obligations thereunder the
GUARANTOR shall pay to NPOG on first demand without proof or conditions
the sum of US. Dollar ____________(USD: ____________)within 14 days
after receipt of the said demand notwithstanding any contestation or
protest by the CONTRACTOR or any other third party.

ii) The GUARANTOR shall not be discharged or released from this
Guarantee by any agreement made between the CONTRACTOR and NPOG with or
without the consent of the GUARANTOR or by any alteration in the
obligations undertaken by the CONTRACTOR or by any forbearance whether
as to payment time,performances or otherwise,or by any change in mane or
constitution of NPOG or the CONTRACTOR.

iii) This guarantee is continuing security and accordingly shall
remain in force until the issuance of the notice for final acceptance of
three(3)months after the early termination of the CONTRACT,whichever is

iv) The GUARANTOR agree that the guarantee is given regardless
whether or not the sum outstanding occasioned by the loss,damages
costs,expenses or otherwise incurred by NPOG is recoverable by legal
action or arbitration.

IN WITNESS whereof this guarantee has been duly executed by GUARANTOR the____________ day of _________199 ____________.

For and on behalf of ____________

(name of banker)

Signature: ____________

Name: ____________


Banker’s seal: ____________



联系方式  电话 136 2022 2122(杜运宪) QQ 199888828(QQ空间有资料)